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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rogue One Trailer Review

Rogue One Trailer Released and we are very excited for this film!

Check out our video review on YouTube:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tells the story of unlikely heroes who have united to steal plans to the dreaded Death Star.

Let's review the characters:

Jyn Erso

Jyn is a career criminal.  A true rebel and set to fight the Galactic Empire.  She resembles much of Mara Jade suited up in an Imperial Battle suit.  We see a few different looks as a girl living on the street, part of the Rebel Alliance, on the Death Star, and in her imperial Battle Suit.

What's interesting is some of the current theories on the internet. 

Is Jyn a young Captain Phasma? 

  • Maybe / Possibly / Very doubtful.  Given the time difference between Episodes 4 and 7, I believe this character would have arisen greatly in the ranks of the imperial army or fallen victim to the Rebellion. But time will tell.

Is Jyn linked to the Death Star in some way?
  • Seems like there is too much evidence to say otherwise.  We see her in multiple parts of this trailer in the Death Star.  One running / the other dressed as an Imperial. 
Is Jyn related to Rey (Daisy Ridley)? Is she her mother?!

  • This is my favorite.  Star Wars is known for branding it's characters deep family lineage and I would not put this past them
Mon Mothma - 
We've seen her in Return of the Jedi trying to blow up the second Death Star.  We've seen her appearance in the Senate in the times of the Old Republic in the Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith.  We can only assume she is leading the Rebel Alliance against the sinister Galactic Empire. 

This Dark Sith Like Character - 

Could it be Vader.  Could it Darth Sidious?  Time will tell.  We've seen many rumors that Darth Vader will make an appearance and it will be the most evil and dark Vader we've seen on film.

Ben Mendelsohn / Grand Admiral - At first glance, this looked like a pale Admiral Thrawn.  Under his robe appears to be a very unique blaster.  Could he also be the dark hooded character we also saw in this trailer?

Diego Luna
We know he's a pilot.  Could it be Biggs?  Poes Father?

Jiang Wen / Rebel
Not much is know about this character.

Donnie Yen - 
Noble Mentor? Jedi? He sure shows the storm troopers he can handle them with his simple weapon.

Forest Whitaker -
Bounty Hunter?  Finn's Father?    

Mystery Droid - 
We see this mystery droid multiple times with Jyn in the trailer.  From her beginnings as a Rebel on the streets to running on the Death Star. 


Death Star - the Death star seems to be the foundation of this story. The beginning. The infultration. The capturing of the plans.  We can count on much of this film to take place on the Death Star.

Yavin 4 - this locations is at the roots of the Star Wars universe.  The secret rebel base on the 4th Moon of Yavin.  In the massassi temples, we see many similarities between episode 4 and these clips.

Unknown Beach / Desert Planet - We can presume that the battles scenes with the Rebels and Empire that the scenes are not taking place on Yavin.  Seeing as though Episode 4 refers to Yavin 4 as the secret rebel base, we can safely say there is a new planet we will be visiting.

Storm Troopers

There are many different storm troopers shown.  From Dark Troopers to the classic storm troopers, these scenes indicate we will see a great variety of the Galactic Empires favorite armed forces.

As we see more and analyze more, we will let you know.   

Rogue One Trailer - Official As seen on Good Morning America

As seen on Good Morning America!

May The Force Be With You!