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If you've never journied past the Trilogy or Prequelogy, here is your guide to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Embracing the Dark Side or Living By The Jedi Code, the Expanded Universe has tales for the Jedi and Sith in every one. And truely learn the Skywalker history, this is my interpretation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor - Novel - New Republic

Overthrowing the dark side's empire has made them heroes. But underestimating the fury of the Sith will make them targets.

Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are dead. The Empire has been toppled by the triumphant Rebel Alliance, and the New Republic is ascendant. But the struggle against the dark side and the Sith order is not over. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and their faithful comrades have had little time to savor victory before being called on to defend the newly liberated galaxy.

Powerful remnants of the vanquished Empire, hungry for retaliation, are still at large, committing acts of piracy, terrorism, and wholesale slaughter against the worlds of the fledgling Republic. The most deadly of these, a ruthless legion of black-armored stormtroopers, do the brutal bidding of the newly risen warlord Shadowspawn. Striking from a strategically advantageous base at the planet Mindor, they are waging campaigns of plunder and destruction, demolishing order and security across the galaxy—and breeding fears of an Imperial resurgence. And another reign of darkness beneath the boot-heel of Sith despotism is something General Luke Skywalker cannot and will not risk.

Mobilizing the ace fighters of Rogue Squadron—along with the trusty Chewbacca, Threepio, and Artoo-Detoo—Luke, Han, and Leia set out to take the battle to the enemy at the site of its stronghold, and neutralize the threat before it's too late. But their imminent onslaught against Mindor will be playing directly into the hands of their cunning new adversary. Lord Shadowspawn is no freshly anointed Sith Chieftain, but in fact a vicious former Imperial Intelligence officer—and Prophet of the Dark Side. The Emperor's death has paved the way for Shadowspawn's return from exile in the Outer Rim; and mastery of ancient Sith knowledge and modern technology has given him the capability to mount the ultimate power play for galaxy-wide dominion. Dark prophecy has foretold that only one obstacle stands in his way, and he is ready—even eager—for the confrontation.


All the classic heroes, all the explosive action and adventure, all the unparalleled excitement of Star Wars come breathlessly alive here, as the further adventures of Luke Skywalker continue.

Post destruction of the second Death Star, Luke and company find themselves in harms way and in the grasps of one of Palpatines old minions Cronal, know as Black hole and Shadowspawn (the evil image above with the black storm troopers).  Majority of the adventure takes place on Mindor, in the Tespan System on verge of self destruction.  Shadowspawn controlled the planet, its main component meltmassif, a black crystal like rock that could be formed into shapes, liquids, and people at the controllers (Cronal) command.  Cronal was more intune with Sith Alchemy and Spells, and controlled what is referred to as Darksight, and believed he was in control of the Sith.  His only mission from Emporer Palpatine, bring the rightful heir to the Empires Thrown.  Luke Skywalker.  No matter where Luke goes, somebody wants to turn him to the dark side!

Where alot of the EU post Episode 6 novels cling to power hungry warlords and tyrants as the villains, Matthew Stover brings back the remnants of the Empire thru the Sith.  He has wowed me with his novelization of Episode 3, a little disappointed in his novel Shatterpoint, but was not let down with his adventures with Shadows of Mindor.  He brings back a few characters that I though had died during the clone wars, a few close friends and enemies of Mace.  Kar Vastor (left), prior enemy of Mace Windu, and Nick Rostu, all native's of Mace's home world of Haruun Kal, home of the Korunni Species who were all force sensative.  Kar and Mace were the last remaining members of the Ghôsh Windu (clan) and were commonly referred to as each others dỏshalo (clan brother). 

Kar was controlled primarily by Cronal thru this novel and was one of Luke's major hurtles.  Nick Rostu was a prisoner of Cronal and is thought to be the image on the back of the novel's image, controlled thru one of Cronal's half moon black helmets. 

Kar had told Luke that he was the greatest Jedi, ever greater than the "Jedi of the Old"


"Luke are not affriad of the Dark"

Embrace the Darkside!

Star Wars Hitchhiker

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