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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Zillo Beast - Clone Wars Season 2 - Episode 18

Choose what is right, not what is easy.

Anakin riding R2????

Desperate times call for desperate measures! In one of the longest and fiercest battles of the war, Separatist forces are on the verge of claiming the planet of Malastare. If the Republic loses this planet it will cost them vital fuel resources necessary for maintaining their armies. In a final effort to turn the tide of this battle, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has authorized the use of the Republic's newest weapon: the ELECTRO-

Now, at the Imperial palace of Doge Urus, the leader of the Dugs, the Jedi count down the minutes until the detonation of their doomsday device....

Pinpointed in the Imperial Palace of Malastare, Republic Forces, the Dug Army, and Jedi's Mace Windu and Anakin attempt to fight of the largest swarm of Separatist Droids.  The Grand Army of the Republic tries out the newly developed ELECTRO-PROTON BOMB, a bomb to destroy all non human life forms.

In the destruction of the Separatist troops, the Republic awakens another beast.  The Zilo Beast....

Thought to be extinct, the Dug's aim to destroy this tyrant as a prophecy was told, it was be reawakened and destroy all life on Malastare.  The Jedi wish to honor this unique life form and preserve its life, while they wage in a political to save its life against the Dugs.  This Episode was not just the struggle to destroy the Separatists and save the Republic, it was about the sanctity, preservation, and continuity of all life......the story of the Jedi way.

The Clone Wars this year has really delivered, and I'm sad for its wrapping up.....but you can always pick up a book and enjoy it any time!

Star Wars Hitchhiker

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