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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crimson Empire - Audio Drama - New Republic

The explosive Star Wars saga continues! Crimson Empire introduces you to a new generation of space heroes and thrilling adventures!  This Audio Drama is an adaptation of the popular Crimson Empire comic book series.

As the story opens, the Empire's in turmoil; Luke Skywalker has destroyed the last of Emperor Palpatine's clones, and the Dark Lord Carnor Jax plans to seize the throne. But he has a formidable opponent to contend with: the brave Kir Kanos. The only survivor of the elite Crimson Guard, he alone stands between Jax and universal domination.


Kir Kanos (right) a former Emperor's Red Guard is out for vengeance against the empire and former guard Carnor Jax.  Kanos started as a storm trooper but was recognized for his abilities and was brought to train with the elite to become an Emperor's Guard.  Kanos earned his position in a dual of fates against another guardsman.  He was permanently marked by Darth Vader, Kanos carries the scar a crossed his right eye from Vader's light saber.  Kanos is united with the New Republic on the Planet Phaeda, in his hunt for revenge.  He is offered sanctuary by Mirith Sinn who hopes to turn Kanos to the New Republic, but Kanos wants nothing of their rebellion.  Kanos and the New Republic are united by their common enemy but he is only after avenging the wrongful death of the Emperor he was sworn to serve.

Ruling in place of the recently killed Palpatine, Carnor Jax is establishing his new empire and one person stands in his way.  The sole living being that knows Jax's true secret is Kanos.  Kir Kanos is the only guardsman that witnessed Jax's treachery by sabotaging the remainder of Palpatines clones to destroy is chances of finding a new body after death.  This is Kanos's driving force to live and breathe, to avenge the death of the Emperor.

This audio drama completely follows the events of the ending of the Dark Empire Series.  Although lacking the main Star Wars characters, Crimson Empire introduces new members of the Star Wars EU.  This tale ventures deep in the history of the two Red Guards and their journey through the ranks of storm troopers to arch enemies.  The audio drama adaptation is shorter than any of the 6 movies and is an exciting adventure in the New Republic, with a few new faces (Sish Sadeet - Trandoshan - Left) and Mirith Sinn (Female on Right). 

"You have allowed this Dark Lord to twist your mind until now… until now, you have become the very thing you swore to destroy!"

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