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If you've never journied past the Trilogy or Prequelogy, here is your guide to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Embracing the Dark Side or Living By The Jedi Code, the Expanded Universe has tales for the Jedi and Sith in every one. And truely learn the Skywalker history, this is my interpretation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Approaching Storm - Old Republic Novel - Pre Attack of the Clones

"Master Kenobi and Skywalker have just returned from a border dispute on Ansion." - The Prequal to Attack of the Clones....

While the entire galaxy watches and waits, two Jedi and their apprentices battle impossible odds to protect the Republic….

The Republic is decaying, even under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was elected to save the galaxy from collapsing under the forces of discontent. On the tiny but strategic planet of Ansion, a powerful faction is on the verge of joining the growing secessionst movement. At the Chancellor's request, the Jedi Council sends two Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luminara Unduli, along with their Padawans Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offee, to stabilize the planet's population. To succeed, the Jedi will have to fulfill near impossible tasks, befriend wary strangers, and influence two great armies, stalked all the while by an enemy sworn to see the negotiations collapse and the mission fail….


The Approaching Storm is a story in the Star Wars Expanded Universe that really sets the stage for Attack of the Clones and goes a little deeper into the back story between a Jedi and Padawn. It also goes deeper into the beginnings of the Separatists movement at masterminding the secession of worlds from the republic. Jedi Knight Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Learner Barriss Offee are the main characters in our story with Skywalker and Kenobi taking a very predominant role, but second to the female pair in Approaching Storm.

Alan Dean Foster's second piece of work in the Star Wars EU, first being Splinter of Minds Eye, being a big success in my journeys. Foster has created a large elaborate story from such a minor plug in the film. After the attempted assassination of Padme on the Skyhook on Coruscant, Palpatine recommends to the attending Jedi Members to put Padme under their protection. Mace mentions the boarder dispute and our idea is born.
Ansion is a small world but is the center of a treaty within the Republic that will have ripple effects on 18 other systems. The secession of this world would cause so many others to leave or stay in the Republic that the security of keeping this world is of top priority. Luminara and Bariss start the investigation and the negotiation with the Ansionians and are later joined by Obi-Wan and Anakin. Their tale on Ansion takes them to many meetings with the different tribes of Ansion in trying to reach their goal of bringing peace between all the tribes and an agreement to stay in the Republic with the Unity Council. Many villans exist from the Commerce Guild / Separatists, Hutt Cartel on Ansion, and the hostile groups of locals.

Many large and small battles, many new species and characters in the journey on Ansion. The Jedi share their many hidden talents from Light Saber Gymnastics, singing, story telling, and complete mastery of the force as offering to many of the tribes to gain their trust. This is another Gem in the EU that is enjoyed by those who venture deeper than just the movies. Barriss and Luminara are two of my female Jedi, only second to Aayla, and it was very nice to learn more of them. I don't think the Clone Wars cartoon has properly keyed in Barriss's age, because in Approaching Storm Anakin and Barriss have the same equal position as Jedi Padawan. In the Clone Wars Barris is still a padawan and treats Anakin like a master or teacher, unlike the brother sister relationship they share in Approaching Storm.

A very minor inconsistency in the overall scheme of this book. The book created bonds between all four Jedi with the political objections they were burdened with and the physical obstacles, they maintained themselves and persevered against the odds. This book is not one to be missed if you enjoy this era.

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