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Monday, January 18, 2010

Legacy of Jax Pavan - Hidden Star Wars EU Gem

I've nicknamed this the Pavan Hexology, as author Michael Reaves has hooked me on his Star Wars novels and has created an epic 6 story journey into the life, and death of Lorn Pavan. Lorn Pavan life did not succeed farther than his first novel, but he's dying wishes and son's legacy carried on past order 66 and has yet to end. As the 3 Coruscant Night Novels and the Death Star Novel (bonus Reaves Story) are like the Original Trilogy, Shadow Hunter, Medstar 1 and 2 are like the Prequalogy, although I must say for this set you must read the Prequals first, unlike the movies!!

Lorn Pavan starts off as an information broker with his long time, partner in crime I-5YQ. A very similar model to C-3PO, but with a little more kick ass, and a little less eccentric! With in the story, you find out Lorn gave up his only son to the Jedi because he was found force sensitive and Lorn was later exiled from his duty as a worker at the Jedi Academy. The motley crew as informationists came a crossed a deal that resulted in a death wish from Darth Sidious. Lorn was hunted by Sith Apprentice Darth Maul, and regretfully he had help from a few late Jedi that changed his vision on the Jedi but ultimately met his fate from Darth Maul. His last wish was for I5-YQ to seek and protect his only son, Jax Pavan.

I-5YQ thru his journeys joins us next in the Med Star 1 and 2 novels, after his memory was almost completely wiped. He is joined by Jedi Barriss Offee, jedi healer, on planet Drongar working as a medical assistant during the Clone Wars. Working with many misfits I-5YQ finds companionship with the others in the Rimsoo (hospital), he finds a way to make his self "drunk" and finds a wookie really can rip his arms off (we've all heard the warning). I-5YQ ends his time on Drongar and leaves with his Sullastan friend Den Dhur to leave for Coruscant to find Jax, but smuggled the wonder drug bota for examination at the Jedi Temple. Thru his journey 1 & 2 he regains his knowledge of his former master Lorn.

The Coruscant Night series was epic for me as it included Vader, Black Sun, the search for Jax Pavan and conversion of Jax from Bounty Hunter back to Jedi. He survived order 66 and lived in the underbelly slums of Coruscant but was actively hunted by Darth Vader, Prince Xizor, and Aurra Sing (who was eventually killed by Jax), until his final encounter and battle with Vader.  Jax Pavan discovers his father and his true calling as a Jedi thru these three incredible stories.

Death Star is kind of an addition to the Reaves lore of his stories but really only contains one of the characters from the first 6 novels. He has many stories lines telling the story from the inside of the original Death Star, from construction to destruction.

Although attachment is forbidden in the Jedi Order, Reaves creates a real connection with is characters and the story lines they possess. The whole time I was reading Coruscant Nights I was rooting for the underdog Jax to defeat Vader, but we know he isn't going to completely defeat Vader, but he keeps it interesting and hopefully we will see more of Jax Pavan in his future novels. I'm going to review each in the future, but these are all worth reading, Michael Reaves does a killer job with his Star Wars novels and I'm hoping for more!

For next time, remember..........Peace is a lie, there is only passion......

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