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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lightsaber Lost - Clone Wars Season 2 Episode 11

If you didn't watch it, check out later this week and watch it.  I thought this week was going to be a weaker episode but ended up delivering.

Anakin and Ahsoka are traveling thru the slums of Coruscant looking for a black market weapons seller.  Anakin makes the arrest but Ahsoka gets her lightsaber pick pocketed from her.  She teams up with an older Jedi Tera Sinube, looking to keep her mistake from her master Anakin.  New characters are introduced within the Jedi order, I was most pleased to see Tera Sinube, the male Cosian show at the left.  Although his character strongly reminded me of the way Yoda is portrayed in the Clone Wars, but was still very cool. 

If you know who Aurra Sing is, I was kinda worried during the episode because the image to the right is of a new character Cassie Cryar, who had possession of the lightsaber and said she had never held a lightsaber before.  Aurra Sing on the other had is an ex-Jedi Bounty Hunter bad ass and I was really hoping they didn't ruin her history, but all was fine.  Aurra is the picture on the right, I'm not crazy they do some what resemble each other.

 Ahsoka learns a valueable lesson as a Jedi, and in the end the student becomes the teacher.

Watch it if you haven't, the Clone Wars isn't for just kids.  Next week looks to promise not to disappoint, Obi-Wan and Mandalorian's brauling it out and it appears Obi-Wan has his hands full, probably another Anakin rescue for Obi-Wan.

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