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.....A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away......
If you've never journied past the Trilogy or Prequelogy, here is your guide to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Embracing the Dark Side or Living By The Jedi Code, the Expanded Universe has tales for the Jedi and Sith in every one. And truely learn the Skywalker history, this is my interpretation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There are things about the force they are not telling me.....

So first, who is the hitchhiker? I was introduced to the Star Wars Movies 1 year ago; seriously I was 27 years old and never exposed to the Star Wars movies. Few friends at work were talking about the movies and felt out of the loop so I watched all 6 movies, in the order they came out.

A year later, I've read almost 80 total books, played many of the video games, reading the comics and become consumed by all that is Star Wars. Now I want to share my journey because the expanded universe that Lucas has created with the help of so many brilliant people creates so much more depth and meaning to the story lines that can only scratch the surface of who these characters actually are. The veterans that experienced the movies and like the movies don't get involved in the EU because it can be very intimidating because of the overwhelming amount of content, and not knowing where to start.
I've started at the beginning, I'm walking the timeline and enjoying almost every story and will provide my thoughts, interpretations, and suggestions to how to start, what to leave out and what is remarkable.

Watch for some new stuff and as one of my favorite EU authors says "Embrace the Dark side"!

Star Wars Hitchhiker


  1. nor "star wars", nor other wars. Wars never more. "Stars Peace" for the humankin´s future

  2. nor "star wars", nor other wars. Wars never more. "Stars Peace" for the humankin´s future